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Our services have expanded and evolved to meet the needs of our customers. 

Landscape Design & Landscaping Installation

We have a full service landscape service from design to installation. Our landscape service is customer driven. We listen to what you want and advise to what plants will work in this area.

Flower Studio


 In our year-round flower shop, we can make arrangements for your special day or someone. We also have market flower bunches for pickup. We offer full-service delivery in house. Visit our online flower shop for gifts to purchase or call & we can help with any questions and get you just what you want. 


We have a team that will plant for you. We can plant large ball & burlapped trees with equipment. We also can design and plant custom flower pots for pickup or at your business or residence. 


We can do maintenance as needed for you. We have a team that can water and fertilize on a regular schedule. Another part of our maintenance is weeding and gardening. Some places may only need a spring cleanup or other may need more of a regular schedule. It is entirely up to you. 


We offer a wide selection of houseplants and we can also do maintenance in your office or home if you're away. Also if you have a special request, let us help you find the perfect plant!

Seasonal plants & decorations


We offer seasonal plants and decor and can decorate at your home or business as needed.

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