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Kendra Morris, owner


Never Stop Growing.


I first became interested in horticulture as a young girl growing up in rural southeast Nebraska. My Dad is an avid vegetable gardener and tree farmer. I entered vegetables through 4-H at the local county fair, and then later became active in my high school horticulture program. One year as a FFA fundraiser, we grew poinsettias, and I was fascinated at how plants can be manipulated through heat and light. After high school I earned my bachelor's in horticulture science from the University of Nebraska. GO BIG RED. :)  This degree has proved invaluable as well as the experience of working as an intern at the Denver Botanical Gardens and years of experience in retail garden centers and floral shops. 

As chance would have it, I met a handsome Wyoming Cowboy and moved out west. My horticultural skills were really tested out here in barely Zone 4 northwest Wyoming. I have learned to make the most of it and I particularly love my customers who work hard to grow through wind, lack of rain, too much rain at once, crazy fluctuating temperatures and constant wildlife threats. 

I first started my own business in 2015 doing landscape designs at my kitchen table. I found people were really struggling to find expertise in the horticulture field in this area. Through referrals and word of mouth, I started to install landscape designs. My team began with me and my teenagers and has now evolved into three year-round employees and six seasonal employees. In 2020 I opened up my first retail location and now in 2022 we purchased and built our own full season nursery. 

I truly am incredibly thankful I get to do the work I love. 

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